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Gendrre committed to the development of high-precision, high wear-resistant and high corrosion-resistant extruder parts. We make full use of international advanced processing and testing equipment, cooperate with Tokyo Hardfacing , the world's top extruder enterprises and suppliers of powder alloy. Our products have the same precision and wear-resistant with  German and Japanese products. We always provide you with higher quality and efficiency extruder parts.
We have served dozens of global enterprises for many years with high evaluation , such as Leistritz, KraussMaffei, Butler Machinery, DuPont, 3M, PolyOne, AVENT, SABIC, LANXESS, Covestro, LG, SAMSUNG, Mitsuibishi Chemical lnc TORAY.

  • 挤出机螺杆元件Extruder screw element
  • 双螺杆挤出机元件Twin screw extruder components
  • 挤出机配件Extruder accessories
  • 挤出机螺杆和机筒Extruder screw and barrel
  • 双螺杆挤出机配件Twin screw extruder accessories
  • 捏合块Kneading block
  • 挤出机芯轴Extruding mandrel
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